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SPARKLE SUPPLY-CHAIN in Nigeria, and was established based on previous accumulated experience of more than 10 years in the field of Ship Chandling and Marine Services.

It was established in 2019 following the values of loyalty and trust. Through the years we have built a network of strong and close business relations providing clients with fast and reliable services, high quality products and always reasonable prices.

Team Response

Our branches of ship suppliers with a highly qualified and experienced team of employees are ready to serve and offer you a guaranty of chandling, with fast delivery response time. All your quotations will be answered according to any of your order requests.

Our Values

In the last few years the competition between the ship chandling companies has increased tempering the war of prices. Against obtaining more clients, some chandling companies, sacrificing their actual values, make deals at quite low prices, obviously offering declined quality products.

Our suggestion would encourage you to bear in mind that granted quality certificates does not always meet real standard services. So Being aware of picking the right chandling company seems a good idea after all.

Shipchandlers commitment, as always, keeps giving you high quality and reliable services to ensure safe, and with the most up to date trusted quality supplies.

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Ship Owners and Ship Management Companies


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